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Interview with Markus Huber

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What was your role on Songs of Ascent?
I was the producer and the bass player for the record. I also arranged the songs with Elliott during the songwriting process. And the most important role: I was the resident barista for the entire band during the pre-production process.

What is the producer’s role when it comes to making a recording?
For me, the producer is someone who bridges the gap between the ideas and the vision of the artist to a more tangible element. Understanding where the artist is in his/her art and translating that into musical ideas and concepts. Then there’s more of the technical aspect which includes choosing the band members, recording studio & who to mix/master.

Tell us about your process in shaping and completing Songs of Ascent.
It starts with the songs and the emotion behind the lyric and the delivery of the melody. A song can go on so many different direction as far as production and arrangement is concerned; but being sensitive to what the song is conveying is the most important element of shaping the songs. I think that helped Elliott and me make creative decisions along the way. Once the song, arrangement and the message is clear, then I pretty much gave it to the guys. Trusting them to create parts is important. But my responsibility was to share the vision and the message to them. 

What was the vision for this record?
I think the vision is always to create, and let the message of the songs transfer to the sound that will be heard by the listeners.

Was there any particular emotion you were trying to evoke?
I think this will vary from time to time. That’s one of the things I like about making music. You can’t put a song in a box. These three songs can mean differently to people who are in different stages in life. But I can speak for myself. For me, it’s the emotion of being in awe.

In your opinion, what is the stand-out track on Songs of Ascent?
In my opinion, the stand out track is “Brighter”.

What part does your faith play in your creative line of work?
It is a part of all aspects of my creative work. It reminds me that it is always more than just what we hear in the music but the purpose of it and the relationships we cultivate in the process of making music.

What’s next for you, musically?
I’ll be working on an app that will be geared towards solo artists and bands in live performance settings. I’m also composing soundtracks on a few new projects and hitting the road with Johnnyswim sometime in the Spring.  You can hear more of my music at

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