In your relationship with God, are you “all in?” Elliott Powell Music Ministries

In your relationship with God, are you “all in?”

In your relationship with God, are you “all in?”


In high-stakes card game, sometimes a player will take a big risk and go “all in” with their chips.  The atmosphere becomes electric with suspense in that moment when the player pushes all their chips to the center of the table and says, “I’m all in.”  The suspense continues to build until it becomes clear the risk has paid off, or the player loses it all in the gamble.


Some people think of a relationship with God like that – a gamble- and they are afraid that they will risk it all and come out on the losing end:


“What if I make a decision to trust God with more of my life…

…and my spouse doesn’t understand?

…and it changes the way I have to be at work?

…and it changes the way I use my resources?

…and it means that I’ll have to be honest with God about things in my life that need God’s help and healing?”


Maybe you feel that way too.


The Gospel of Luke in the New Testament contains an interesting account of a woman who went “all in” in her relationship with God.  She has something to teach us all:


Jesus was seated at the temple in Jerusalem…


“Jesus looked up and saw those who were putting their gifts into the treasury- rich people-and he saw a poor widow putting in two coins.  So he said, ‘I tell you truly that this poor widow has put in more than all, for all these contributed to the gifts out of their abundance, but she, out of her need, has put in everything she had to live on.’” 

Luke 21: 1-4


Talk about taking a risk! 

What would make this woman put all that she had into the temple treasury?


She was able to go “all in” because she knew it wasn’t a gamble.

This woman knew the character of God.

She had come to understand that her whole life was sustained by God.

She knew that God loved and valued her.

She was able to go “all in” with God because she understood that God was “all in” with her.


In YOUR relationship with God, do you believe that God is “all in?”



That’s what the cross of Christ is about – God showing you that He is “all in.”

Jesus’ death on the cross for your sins was a sacrificial act intended to leave no room for you to wonder if God loves you, or if you can or should trust God.


For your sake, on the cross, Jesus withheld nothing.

He didn’t give 10%, or 20% or even 90% of himself;

He paid it all, the ultimate price, so that you might be rich in relationship with Him.


It’s never a gamble to go “all in” with God.

Even when it’s costly.

Even when it feels risky.

You can trust God.


In your relationship with God, what would it mean for you to go “all in?”

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