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Elliott Powell Ministries

The Ministry of Music – The Message of Christ

Elliott Powell Ministries is an itinerant music and preaching ministry that takes Powell and his musician partners to venues to perform and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in such settings as churches, conferences, camps, and concerts.

Elliott Powell is a Christian Music Artist and ordained Presbyterian minister.

Elevate Christian  Network describes his music as “boundless… and has in it the potential to attract people from all walks of life to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

A blend of indie and anthemic rock, Powell’s music is characterized by singable melodies, strong lyrical sensibilities, guitar tones ranging from earthy to atmospheric, and a pulsing rhythm section. Powell’s music and spoken messages aim to engage listener’s hearts and minds with the person of Jesus Christ.

A California native, Powell honed his musical craft in the entertainment landscape of Hollywood, California with the backing of Blackheart/Universal Records.  His work as lead singer, guitarist and songwriter with power-pop group, Joy the Bug, garnered national attention and a nomination at the Los Angeles Music Awards for Best Independent Pop Album.  “Those were high energy moments for the band,” says Elliott, “to stand in the company of rock music greats like Slash (Guns n’ Roses) at the L.A. Music Awards when you’re both up for awards, and seeing musical superstars like members of No Doubt in the audience at your shows, made for exciting times.”

In the midst of that excitement, Elliott began to discern a calling into the Christian ministry.

“That was a unique time of life,” Elliott reflects, “I remember a week where a VH1 camera crew accompanied me to a seminary class to film a segment for a reality TV show about the lives of Los Angeles bands.  But during that time I felt that God was calling me to use my abilities in music in a new way.”

That calling led him to help lead and pioneer an emergent worship service at First Presbyterian Church Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  From there he moved to the Dulles Corridor in Washington, D.C. where he was the founding Associate Pastor for Brambleton Presbyterian Church, a church he helped launch and charter.   With over 10 years of professional ministry experience in church settings, Elliott turned to his attention to a ministry dedicated to proclaiming the message of Christ through the ministry of music and formed Elliott Powell Ministries in 2013.

On his upcoming release, “Songs of Ascent”, Elliott Powell explores the themes of height, light and humility in the context of worship.

Listeners will recognize the audio imprints of Kings of Leon-like call and response choruses, Bon Iver-ish sensitivities, Escondido’s alt-country ache and the atmospheric pads and guitars of recent Coldplay.

The title of the EP comes from the title given to fifteen of the Psalms (120-134) in the Old Testament. Historically speaking, many think that these songs were sung by worshippers as they ascended their way to Jerusalem, and by the priests as they made their way to minister in the temple for the three pilgrim festivals.

As Powell was in the planning phases for the new recording, he was drawn to the Songs of Ascent due to the thematic parallels of the events occurring in his own life:  “I was a church-planter just outside of Washington D.C.,” say Powell, “when I received the call to begin an itinerant, evangelism ministry- one that would be characterized by original music with a call to place greater trust in Christ.”

This call would entail Powell to place a greater degree of trust in God and lead him on a journey of envisioning and implementing a new ministry, and it would mean a physical relocation from Washington, D.C. to Texas to begin the work.

“As I began the work of writing the songs, I found the themes of God’s grandeur to be most comforting and reassuring in this stage of life.  So I focused on hopeful themes- the light of Christ in the midst of the darkness of doubt (“Brighter”) ; the height of God’s majesty as a reminder of God’s sovereignty over the events of our lives (“Majesty: Song of Heaven”); and His grace for the journey (“You Gave”).”

Like the Songs of Ascent in the Old Testament, Powell’s songs are characterized by sing-ability.  “These are accessible and singable songs, made for corporate worship as well as personal refelection.”

Powell plans for this to be the first release of three planned worship EP’s. Songs of Ascent is produced by Markus Huber (Johnnyswim touring bassist) and mixed by George Alexander and can be purchased at this site or at any major online retailer.